Cashable vs Sticky Bonuses - Pick the Best Value Bonus Today!

Cashable bonuses vs Stick Bonuses

Welcome packages and bonuses come in all shapes or sizes. It's hard not to choose them all! But seriously, don't. Not all are created equal. Ever wondered what the difference is between a cashable bonus and a sticky bonus? You're about to find out! A wise Kevin Hart once told us, "you gone' learn today!"

Define: Sticky Bonus and Cashable Bonus

  • Sticky Bonus - A sticky bonus is a wager then can be played but may never be withdrawn due to terms, conditions, or requirements. The term "sticky" eludes to the situation you could be in with a casino; stuck.
  • Cashable Bonus -A cashable bonus can be used to wager and eventually withdrawn for real money.

Now this isn't the sticky bonus you had during your wedding night with your partner, sorry about that. It's a bit more taunting and a lot less pleasurable. New players find shiny welcome packages that promise winnings but can never be withdrawn due to hidden terms and conditions. You'll be able to dodge any spotty offers now that you know the difference.

Variations of Sticky Bonuses

Not all situations look the same; offers that are intended to keep you stuck can be presented in different ways. You can be offered a high match percentage on your first offer. You may see a large bonus in your account only to vanish from existence once you make an initial offer. Those are the best. Not! Unfortunately, these also are the most common types of sticky bonuses.

Honestly, any bonus can be sticky if the casino wants it to be. All they have to do is add a tiny little phrase in their terms and conditions stating so, and poof. An offer you may never withdrawal. What's the point then?

Examples of Cashable Bonuses

A cashable bonus is much preferred to our friend Mr. Sticks-a-Lot. It can be presented much like a typical casino promotion, except it doesn't appear after withdrawal and can be seen in your bank account later on down the road. You may be able to withdrawal the entire bonus is given if the requirements have been met and you're able to do so per the terms and conditions.

Examples include $200 bonus cash, 100% match on your first deposit and other similar promotional offers. As always, read any requirements before thinking you can cash out an entire $300 bonus.

Why You'd Want One

So why would a player want a cashable bonus? Do people ever want sticky bonuses? I'm glad you asked, I'll be happy to address.

Cashable offers are awesome. Because you can cash out the casino bonus eventually. This means the amount of money you had to wager or play with just increased, by like a lot. You'd want one if you're a bit short on money or just looking to stretch your dollars to the max!

Some players believe sticky bonuses can be more profitable than their cashable counterparts. Their belief is that you'll accrue more money in your account with can result in even more winnings. Once you read the high withdrawal minimum, there you go. The money is there for the taking.

Where to Find Hot Offers

These types of marketing ploys and promotional offers are found literally everywhere. I see ads driving down the street and of course online. Personally I think the best offers are directly off reputable casino's websites.

The information is usually very clear (a reputable casino is always clear in their requirements) and easy to find. You'll find different types of bonuses for your favorite games, banking methods, and of course welcome packages. Comparing the two

How to Claim Your Cashable Bonus

Claim your bonus on the casino's website. Create an account if you're new and be sure to enter any codes you've been given. If you haven't been given a code, go back to the website to look again or you might see a menu option to select. Usually, the signup and code redemption is easy, so don't worry. Again, step-by-step instruction can typically be found on the casino's website for their bonuses.

What You Might Win from a Cashable Bonus

Ideally, what you would win from a cashable bonus is more free cash. That's the best-case scenario. After all, once all requirements are made you're supposed to be able to make a withdrawal, hence the term cashable bonus.

As an alternative a casino may also keep giving you free spins, discounted deposit fees, or matched deposits in attempts to have you stick around. For some, this can be useful toward an end goal of reaching a high maximum withdrawal amount.

Warning Signs of a Bad Offer

You can be warned of a plagued bonus. Casinos will cloud your head with confusing words and 80x playthrough requirements. There's a reason why this is also nicknamed a "lifeline bonus"; you'll have to play the bonus 80 times through before you can even think of withdrawing earnings. You'll need a lifeline before that's over. Your cashable promo just a whole lot less cashable, huh?

Games to Play

Cashable bonuses and sticky bonuses can be used for many games. Slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and specialty games can all be played with a promotional offer. Now, full disclosure, a casino can restrict what games are available to play. Some may only be applicable to one slot game or a certain category of traditional casino games. With so many options out there, finding a bonus that will let you play your favorite game might be easier than you think.

Terms and Conditions

Terms, conditions, and requirements are all key components to understand prior to redeeming a cashable bonus. You see, casinos will add certain clauses in hidden places explicating that any cashable bonus is strictly for the use of play, and not for withdrawal purposes. So in turn, that cashable offer you thought you had is actually a stick bonus. Surprise!

Concluding Comparisons

Before you off into the betting word with your newly acquired wealth of knowledge, let's review. A cashable bonus can be withdrawn once all wage requirements are met. A sticky bonus's funds cannot be counted toward your withdrawal and as a result, may never see its way out of the casino.

You know to read all wage requirements, now that we've told you at least 17 times! So feel free to fly now, little birdy. Spread your wings and find your next cashable bonus!